How Quickly My Life Has Changed

Last night, I walked through the kids playroom, where I spend the majority of my day, which used to be an adult playroom holding a pool table and a humidor. As I walked through the room dodging Legos and small trucks, stepping through the baby gate, around the Exersaucer and up the stairs, I realize how different my life has become in such a very short time.

I walked up the stairs with picture frames of my family covering the wall. I walk through a closet, that used to be part of the attic, into a room that not too long ago was an office, to check on my baby girl while she was sleeping so soundly in her crib. I tiptoe out of her room to check on my toddler. I quietly walk down the hallway; a hallway we rarely used to walk down at all. I used to go weeks without even going upstairs. We rarely used our upstairs. I quietly unlock the door, slowly open the door, step through his room around all of the spots on the floor that I know creak, things I did not even notice before having kids. I bend down and look down at my little two year old boy who is surrounded by his stuffed animals in his big boy bed. I smile at him and navigate the creaks and slowly leave his room. I walk back down the stairs taking it all in.

Just three years ago, this house was a different house, Andrew and I were very different people, we did not yet have a family and my heart was still mine. Everything in my life has changed in the blink of an eye and it is everything I have ever hoped for. How quickly life can change...

Not a Job??

When you tell someone you are a stay at home mom, they often come back with, oh you don't work. Whether they say it or not, their opinion of you immediately changes. I'm not sure what they think, but I'm sure it's something along the lines of sleeping in, laying around, watching tv and doing nothing all day.

My job starts before 8:00 and lasts until long after 5:00. I don't take off on weekends. I rarely get a vacation. I don't get sick days and I never get a raise. And there are times when I get called in to work at 2 in the morning.

You may know everything there is to know about your job, but I also know everything about mine. I know what foods the kids like today, or this hour because sometimes it changes that quickly. I know their favorite toy, and the toy that frustrates them. When they are learning to talk, what may sound like gibberish to you, makes sense to me. I know what sets them off. I know what calms them down.

I know how they got every scratch and every bruise on them. I can see the tiny scars you can't, and I know how they got each of them. I know how to fix their boo-boos, and I'm the one they want to fix them. They know the tone of my voice when I want them to know I'm serious or when they are in trouble. I know how to go in their room while they are sleeping to put their pants back on... Without waking them up.

I know their favorite stuffed animal and I know the one that cheers them up. I know their favorite park and their favorite thing to do at the park. I know when they want to play by themselves, and when they want me to play with them an when they want me to chase them around and tickle them. I know when I am trying to teach them and they are on the verge of getting mad and they are done.

I know what to pack in the bag to go to the grocery store, the park and the doctors office... And it's different for each. I know whether they will be happiest being carried, walking, in a cart or in a stroller based on where we are going. I know their favorite cartoon, and which ones they don't like at all. I know their favorite song and the ones they hate. I know how to quickly make them laugh when they need cheering up.

My job changes every day. There are no two days that are the same. And my kids continue to change on a daily basis. There is no getting comfortable with my job.

My job is not all fun and games. Being a stay at home mom, I don't always get to be the fun one. I have to discipline. I say "no" more times that I can count. I see more tears than you can even imagine. I make my kids mad. I have to be the bad guy, because I am the one teaching them right from wrong. I have to be the one to tell them no when we are at the store and they want every toy they see. And I'm the one that has to then deal with the crying in public while people stare and think I'm a terrible mom.

On the occasion where I get to go have lunch with a friend, the kids come with me. And a lot of times lunch is spent trying to keep one happy and not throwing everything off the table while bouncing the other one on my knee, while trying to have the adult conversation that I was hoping for.

My days are spent saying animals noises, colors, body parts and truck noises. The songs that get stuck in my head are from Mickey Mouse or Chuggington. I never have enough hands. I can't always do everything for everyone. And I can't always keep them both happy at once.

But with those who think that I am lucky because I get to stay home with my kids... You couldn't be more right. I see every smile and hear every laugh. I see the excitement on their face when they figure out something new. I see how happy they are when I show how proud I am by clapping for them. I get to see their brains constantly working all day long. I get to see their problem solving trying to figure things out all on their own. And I'm the one they come to when they need help figuring it out. And then to see them walk away and do it on their own after showing them. I constantly see them learning and growing. I'm there the first time they say a new word. I'm there the first time they try a new food. Good or bad, I see that expression. I was there for the first smile, the first laugh, the first step... And every one after. I am there for everything.

You get praised from your boss for doing a good job. I get a smile or a laugh from mine. This job, you know this easy one that you think I do, it's not easy... But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. My job is hard. My job is very trying. With my job, I am responsible for teaching my children and for how they turn out. My job is being a mom. And my job is the best job in the world. I am a stay at home mom... Or in my opinion... A Super Mom.

Miles is a Movie Fan

While I have so much to catch up on, I wanted to do short posts while I have a few minutes and then I will go back and catch up on the last few months.

Miles loves tv and always has. He will now sit and watch several cartoons in a row if you will let him. My sister suggested taking him to the movies because we thought he would do well. So one day last week, we headed to the dollar movies (in case it was a total bust). I wore Molly on me, and Miles sat in a booster seat. It was needed to help him see, and to help the seat stay down. We saw Hotel Transylvania and Miles loved it! He sat through the whole movie, while eating a lot of Sweet Tarts and had Coke for the first time as he wanted some of what I was drinking. Molly napped trough the movie. We had such a fun time!!

Molly Michelle Arrives

On Wednesday, October 31, Andrew and I wanted to repeat what we did when we had Miles. So we started with going to dinner at Benihanas. We had a great meal, and then headed home to see Miles before he went to sleep. I showered, we grabbed our bags, and headed to the hospital while my mom stayed with Miles.

Checking in to the hospital was as easy as last time, and then they got started with getting everything hooked up. Andrew and I said all along, we wanted this delivery to be exactly like the delivery with Miles, because that one went so great. Well, I didn't exactly mean that I wanted it to take them three times to get my IV in like it did with Miles, but sadly it did take three times to get it right again.

Finally, I was able to go to sleep, somewhere around midnight or 1:00 am. They came in several times throughout the night to give me medicine to get the labor to start. Things moved much quicker this time than last time. I started having some pretty strong contractions throughout the night, and should have asked for some pain medicine earlier than I did. My doctor came in early on Thursday morning to break my water. When I asked for pain medicine, he told me I could go ahead and get my epidural because it wasn't going to take too much longer. I dread getting epidurals more than I do the delivery. But this one was so much better than the one with Miles.

My doctor came back in around noon ready to deliver. After just a few minutes of pushing, our baby girl was here. I love that first sound of the baby crying. There is nothing like it. It is one of the sweetest sounds in the world. All of this time you have spent carrying and caring for this child inside you, and finally you get to hear their sweet cry.

Molly was born at 12:14 p.m. on November 1, 2012, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. Molly Michelle is the perfect little girl to complete our wonderful family of four.

The next couple of days in the hospital were great. I love that hospital and all of the nurses. Molly is such a sweet baby and everyone that came in commented on how cute she was.

Molly had several visitors while in the hospital including her Gramps, Uncle Taylor, her Nana and her big brother Miles. I couldn't wait for Miles to see her and to get a picture of our entire family. Miles wasn't sure what to think of her, but we were able to get a picture.

This is us in the hospital with Miles on the left and Molly on the right. We love her so much and we are so happy that she decided to join our family!

More Maternity Pictures - Baby Girl

Andrew and I were getting ready to go out for our last date night before baby girl gets here and we decided to take a few more pictures.

And I also went out the other day and took a few myself.

I also wanted to do a few comparison shots to my maternity pictures with Miles. The Miles pictures are on the left and baby girl pictures are on the right.

Trick-or-Treating with Miles

Since we will be heading to the hospital the night of Halloween, we decided to take Miles trick-or-treating in downtown Carrollton on Saturday. They had it set up where the kids could walk around to all of the shops to trick-or-treat. Miles went as the cutest little UPS man I have ever seen.

He had a great time and this was the first time he has had candy. He tried M&Ms, Skittles, Pop Rocks and Smarties. All of which he really enjoyed.

My mom and my brother met us out there and walked around with us. My mom can always make Miles laugh... a lot!!

Pumpkin Patch

We took Miles to the pumpkin patch and all he wanted to do was run through the rows of pumpkins. We could barely keep up with him. Any time we took him ou of the wagon or let go of his hand, he was gone.

He was also very interested in the hayride, or so we thought. It was really just the tractor pulling it that he wanted.

I went back to look at his pumpkin patch pictures from last year, and they look very similiar to this year's pictures.

Precious Moments with Miles

Over the last few weeks, I have really tried to take advantage of every second I can with Miles. This is not always the easiest thing because I don't feel like doing a whole lot. I have really enjoyed the last 21 months being home and sharing my days with just him. I love being able to see all of his firsts, all of his smiles, hear all of his laughs and watching him learn. Over the last few weeks, I have enhoyed a lot of cuddling with this little guy. As soon as I get him up in the mornings, we go to baby girl's room and lay down and watch cartoons together. This time is so special to me, because I get about 30 minutes or more of him being completely still and laying with me. I love this little guy, though he is never still. So this special time in the morning has become very precious to me.

After Miles nap this past weekend, Andrew got to enjoy some of this cuddle time with him too. He wasn't in a good mood when he woke up, but was better after cartoons with dad. More than anything, I love seeing these two together. I love Miles excitement when he hears the door open, and Andrew comes home from work. I love that Miles will pretend that he is going to run up and hug him, but turn and run right before he reaches him. I love seeing them play together at the park when they are playing peek-a-boo around the playscape. And I love the huge smile on Andrew's face when we are both calling for Miles and he runs to him instead of me. I know that may seem weird. It's not that I love that in that minute Miles is choosing to go to him instead of me, but I love the pure joy in Andrew's face at these times. He loves this little boy more than anything. And his little boy sure loves him too.

And speaking of fun with dad, I'm glad Andrew can get in the floor and play with him, because that is reall hard for me to do right now. He loves playing and reading with dad.

Miles loves when I go to take a picture of him with my phone and turn on the flash. The flash makes him laugh and have the biggest smile every time. It also usually makes him close his eyes, but occassionally I get lucky and get a precious cheese smile with his eyes open.

I love when I get to see the wonder, the excitement and the joy in Miles eyes. I had built him a tower with his cups one day and snapped away because his eyes held so much while he was looking and reaching up the tower.

And I love when he lets me lay and cuddle with him. It never lasts more than a minute or two, but usually long enough to get a picture.

He also likes to be silly with mom and likes when someone mirrors him when he opens his mouth and says "Aaaaaaa." It makes for funny pictures too.

We went to dinner at Fuddruckers last week and Andrew gave Miles a lime to try. I am shocked when he will eat stuff like this and his face cracks me up!

For the last several months, Miles has loved to lift up my shirt to see my belly. He has also learned to show his belly when we ask to see it too. And he loves cars and trucks. On our way to the doctor's office, we get on a highway that is under construction, so we pass a lot of trucks! I always point them out to him, though he started pointing them out to me by screaming and getting excited each time he saw one. One day on our drive, he yelled "ruck!" I was so shocked. And now, he says it each time he sees one. And if we are in the car, he is always looking for "rucks."

Some of my favorite moments with Miles have always been when I can get him to take a nap on me. When we are out for the entire day, this is usually the only way he will nap and it takes a lot of effort. However, being pregnant, it has been even harder! We spent the day at the fair with him, and he had to take a nap, and even with my bely I was able to get him to go to sleep. And this boy still can't get enough of his dogs. And he has started saying dog again regularly. One morning, he sat in his bean bag chair to watch cartoons, and couldn't watch them without his dogs.

Miles is also fascinated by airplanes. Any time we are on the deck, and he hears one, he stops what he is doing and looks up to watch it until he can't see it anymore. This weekend, Andrew took Miles on a boys outing to the flight museum with Gramps. He got to see airplanes, and got to see a helicopter take off up close. Andrew said he had so much fun! He has also made a toy out of a box that the double stroller came in. This has been his favorite toy for two weeks now. I love that a box can be such a fun toy.